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Welcome to Shropshire Hills National Landscape – the new name for this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  

This is the place where our stories come to life. A place that makes us who we are. One part of a living patchwork of landscapes where outstanding beauty isn’t only found in nature, but in our local communities working together to grow and change and thrive.  

Our mission is to protect and regenerate this National Landscape and to make sure everyone can enjoy it. This website will help you to discover what’s special about the Shropshire Hills, ideas for enjoying and exploring, and the work being carried out to look after this special landscape.

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Welcome to a new chapter in the story of this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  

All designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty across England and Wales have become National Landscapes. 

The new name reflects our national importance: the vital contribution we make to protect the nation from the threats of climate change, nature depletion and the wellbeing crisis, whilst also creating greater understanding and awareness for the work of the whole National Landscapes family.

This is a significant milestone for the UK and the next step in fully realising the National Landscapes’ vision to be the leading exemplars of how thriving, diverse communities can work with and for nature in the UK: restoring ecosystems, providing food, storing carbon to mitigate the effects of climate change, safeguarding against drought and flooding, whilst also nurturing people’s health and wellbeing.

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The Conservation Fund is open!

This is a small grant scheme to support practical conservation and community awareness raising activities in the Shropshire Hills. 

The Fund supports projects to deliver practical conservation work and/or educational and awareness-raising activities relating to the Shropshire Hills and its conservation, especially involving young people.  

Grants in the range of £500 – £2,000

We are inviting applications now for projects to start 1st April 2024. 

Deadline for expressions of interest is 12th February 2024

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Please follow the Countryside Code when you are out and about in the Shropshire Hills to keep everyone and the environment safe.

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The Shropshire Hills National Landscape is looked after by a small team working in partnership with local stakeholders and supporters, include landowners, individuals, and representatives from organisations and local interest groups.

We hope you are able to find what you are looking for on this website. 

If you have a query, please email or leave a voice message for the relevant team member and they’ll reply or give you a call as soon as they are able.

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