Area Initiatives

We play a leading role on a number of initiatives for specific areas, both within and extending beyond the Shropshire Hills:

Clun Catchment Partnership - the Clun Catchment is a Priority Area for Action in the Shropshire Biodiversity Plan.  We work closely with other organisations to deliver positive outcomes for the River Clun and its unique wildlife.  

Stepping Stones - restoring habitat networks around the Long Mynd and Stiperstones. The project is managed by the National Trust. We are leading on engagement with farmers and landowners in the project area.

Shropshire Hills Destination Partnership -this brings together tourism businesses, public bodies and community representatives to support sustainable development in tourism and a higher quality experience for visitors.

Wrekin Forest Partnership - this brings together relevant partners to work together for the sustainable natural, cultural and economic future of the Wrekin Forest, centred on the Wrekin hill itself, but also including surrounding land outside the National Landscape.


Recent past initiatives:

The Stiperstones & Corndon Landscape Partnership Scheme - this was a five year programme of work which ended in the summer of 2018.  It delivered 15 projects which focussed on the rich natural and built heritage of this upland area on the Welsh English border.  Strands of activity continues through a number of legacy projects:

Summary of the Scheme's achievements