Stepping Stones

Restoring habitat networks around the Long Mynd and Stiperstones

This is a partnership project, led by the National Trust.  We are working with farmers, other landowners, and the local community to connect wildlife habitats.  We are doing this by creating stepping stones and wildlife-friendly corridors between the Stretton hills, Long Mynd and Stiperstones to enable wildlife to thrive in the Shropshire Hills.

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we have led on farmer and landowner engagement, and community consultation. 

view from Squilver to Prolly Moor, Stepping Stones area

Farmer engagement.  The Upper Onny Farmers Group are farmers who manage land within the Upper Onny valley.  The Group has a common aim to ‘share views about the main issues affecting the future of farming and the environment in the upper Onny valley, and to explore ways for improving the environment, the landscape and its wildlife in ways that are integral to profitable farm businesses’.  Our Community Landscape Officer, Cath Landles, supports the group, coordinates activities and meetings. The Group has grown from 9 to 20 farmers mainly due to word of mouth among the local farming community.  

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Community Consultation.  We held a series of community meetings, attended by over 160 people, between January and March 2020.  The discussion from these events helped to shape Stepping Stones community projects around verge restoration, meadow creation, hedgerow management and species recording. 

Community Consultation Report


Stepping Stones Visitor Economy Study.  An appraisal of current and potential economic contribution of tourism to supporting farm businesses and a healthy natural environment.

Stepping Stones Visitor Economy Study, May 2020


Please get in touch through our contact page if you would like more information about our involvement with Stepping Stones.