Morrells Wood Farm Walk & Audio Trail

This farm is managed to benefit wildlife and there’s plenty to see as you walk around the farm trail. There are also some wonderful views from here into the Shropshire Hills National Landscape, dominated by the Wrekin, its most northern peak.

Please respect the farm’s livestock and wildlife, keeping your dogs on the lead.

Wildflowers growing here are vital to all kinds of insects, please don’t pick them or drop any litter.

The whole trail is about 1 ½ hours walk, following the lane and farm boundary. You can break the walk into two shorter loops if you like.

The trail has three audio points:

  • The farmer talks about managing the farm for wildlife
  • A description view from the farm of the National Landscape
  • ‘The Wrekin Giant’ a poem by Nigel McDonald

You can listen to all three here.  download map here

Morrells Wood Farm Walk & Audio Trail

The farm trail is part of a Farming in Protected Landscape Project funded in 2022.