Ancient Woodland Restoration Project

Our ancient woods are some of our most valuable natural assets. They are irreplaceable and home to many vulnerable and threatened species.

The Ancient Woodland Restoration Project is a partnership with Woodland Trust and Forestry Commission to halt further decline in 100 hectares (~140 football pitches) of Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) and Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW) in the Shropshire Hills. 

If you own/manage ancient woodland or Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) in the Shropshire Hills, we can:

Help improve your woodland condition by providing

  • Woodland Condition Assessment
  • Woodland Management Plan (where none exists)
  • Practical management eg fencing, coppicing, felling, access etc. (anything to improve woodland condition).
  • Woodland products or timber marketing/sales

The project is intended to be at no cost to the woodland owner, easy to access with minimal paperwork and is fully supported by a dedicated Woodland Officer.

photograph of beech trees at the Wrekin

For more information and/or to register your interest

contact Dougald Purce, Ancient Woodland Restoration Officer,

email, or telephone 01743 255238

Before contacting us, please check your woodland is:

  • Either Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland or a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site. Look on the Ancient Woodland Inventory. This link takes you to an online map, where you can zoom in to find your woodland and whether it has a classification.
  • Within the project boundary. Download this list to check that your woodland is within one of these parishes in the Shropshire Hills.  (list of eligible parishes available soon)


The project is running until March 2025.

Project background & useful links

Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW) cover almost 5% of the Shropshire Hills National Landscape, and around two thirds are classed as Planted Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS). Many of these are conifer crops which are mature and nearing the end of their rotation.

Within the National Landscape, 23 ancient woodlands are also Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The  project aims to secure better management of these sites so that they can be restored back to wildlife rich woodland habitats which in future years will sustain the hardwood timber resource.

more about ancient woodland


Links for further advice and guidance

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