How to apply

Farming in Protected Landscapes  - Application Process - 6 steps

The programme is open to farmers and land managers (including from the private, public and charity sector) with land within the Shropshire Hills National Landscape. 

To make an application please follow the steps below.  You can submit your application as soon as it is ready.

Step 1: Read all the Guidance

Listed below is the Defra guidance for applicants, our local priorities documents and checklist for applicants. Please download these documents to read.  We will discuss these with you, but it helps if you have read them first. 

Step 2: Submit Enquiry Form

Once we recieve your enquiry form, we will contact you for an initial discussion. We may suggest your project suits another grant scheme better. 

Step 3: Site Visit

If appropriate, we will arrange a site visit with you.  It is usually helpful to meet on site, especially if you want to talk ideas through. 

Step 4: Application Form

If your project is a good fit for the scheme we will recommend that you make an application. Please ensure you refer to the guidance for applicants and checklist for applicants when completing the form. 

Step 5: Submit Application

Use the checklist (from step 1) to make sure you have everything you need to submit your application.  We will also check that you have submitted everything needed and may ask for further information. 

If your grant request is under £10,000, please submit your application as soon as it is ready.

If your grant request is £10,000 or more, it will go to our Assessment Panel, so deadlines to get your application to us for assessment are: 

  • Tuesday 23rd July 2024
  • Tuesday 20th August 2024
  • Tuesday 24th September 2024
  • further dates to be confirmed

Step 6: Decision

The Local Assessment Panel meets regularly so that successful projects can start as soon as possible. 

Please contact our Farming in Protected Landscapes Advisers for help with your application: