Clun Catchment Partnership

For many years we have worked on the River Clun and with the people that live and work along its length.  The River Clun is one of only three rivers in England designated as a European Special Area of Conservation for freshwater pearl mussel.  Their population, however, has experienced a dramatic decline in recent decades.

The Clun Catchment is a Priority Area for Action in the Shropshire Biodiversity Plan.  

Through the Clun Catchment Partnership we bring together relevant partners to work together for the sustainable natural, cultural and economic future of the whole River Clun catchment in Shropshire and Herefordshire.

upper riparian woodland in the Clun catchment

Projects have included:

  • Unmuddying the Waters, 2-year project which ended in March 2021.  The project advised landowners along the river and funded capital works to improve the condition of the catchment.
  • Water Environment Grant, 2-year project which ended in December 2021- working with Severn River’s Trust to help farmers in the Teme, Onny & Clun catchments to make their farms future fit.  
  • River Clun Recovery Project, 2015-2019 - this project helped us to help landowners make a positive and significant improvement in the Clun Catchment.  Download Project Achievements.
  • Download our Water Friendly Farming - Good Practice Guide for advice and information.


Wider Catchment Work

We work closely with other organisations to deliver positive outcomes for the River Clun and its unique wildlife.  Linked to other project activity, Natural England and the Environment Agency have commissioned the following reports.  Please contact us for a copy.

  • River Clun Site Improvement Plan
  • River Clun Nutrient Management Plan
  • River Clun Restoration Strategy
  • Hydrological Study of the Upper Clun
  • Himalayan Balsam Advice, Survey & Strategy
  • Highways Sediment Scoping Study

Click here to see a YouTube clip showcasing Environment Agency and Woodland Trust conservation work on the River Clun.