Unmuddying the Waters

This was a two year agreement with the Environment Agency to advise landowners along the river and fund capital works to improve the condition of the Clun catchment.

The project finished at the end of March 2021 and delivered practical solutions which not only contribute towards improving water quality and the conservation status of the River Clun SAC, but have also resulted in the creation and restoration of wetland and woodland habitats.

Thank you to the individual farmers and land managers...

...who collaborated in the planning and development of the projects on their holdings, and made in-kind contributions, helping to ensure they delivered for resource protection, flood alleviation and biodiversity. Together, we have enhanced water quality along 16.95 km of river.

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Summary of project achievements

Activity Report 2020-2021Activity Report 2019-2020

The Clun catchment consists of seven waterbodies (tributary streams). The presence of freshwater pearl mussel found in the lowest 5km of the river led to it being designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). This bottom section of the river is also part of the River Teme SSSI. Due to the position of the SAC within the catchment, inputs from all seven waterbodies influence water quality.

For more information about the project please get in touch with Alison Jones, 01743 254745 or email her through the contact page.