Culture & Opportunities for Enjoyment

The Shropshire Hills span a wide spectrum of cultural setting. From the fringes of Telford and Ironbridge through to the rural hinterlands of market towns such as Ludlow, Bishop's Castle and Much Wenlock. 

It has some of the sparsest areas of population in England along the Welsh border. Church Stretton, the only town within the Shropshire Hills has a unique location in the heart of the hills and a strong Edwardian character.

view of Much Wenlock

The Shropshire Hills have been a cultural inspiration for writers such as A E Housman, Mary Webb and Malcolm Saville. Opportunities for enjoyment and well-being are open to both locals and visitors through walks and outdoor activities which respect the area’s qualities. The area has some of the best rights of way networks in Shropshire, most of its open access land, and a wide variety of sites, features and promoted routes.


Poems & Song inspired by the Shropshire Hills

The Rolling Shropshire Hills of Green
Words & Music by Patricia Rose
"I wrote this song as both a tribute and a testimony to the beautiful Shropshire Hills."

Vocals and Production by Don Woods