Wrekin Forest Partnership

The Wrekin Forest Partnership aims to bring together relevant partners to work together for the sustainable natural, cultural and economic future of the Wrekin Forest, centred on the Wrekin hill itself, but also including surrounding land outside the National Landscape.

No single organisation has responsibility for the hill. Some of the woods are actively managed for timber production alongside landscape and wildlife benefits.  The Wrekin Forest Partnership is essentially a local structure retaining a strong link to the Partnership, and fulfilling some of its co-ordinating roles at a local level.  

The Wrekin Forest Partnership has developed the Wrekin Forest Plan, 2015-2020, linked to the AONB Management Plan. 

  • Terms of Reference of the Wrekin Forest Partnership
  • Wrekin Forest Plan 2015-20

Please get in touch through our contact page if you would like to read the minutes from the Partnership meetings.