Be a greener visitor

You may be attracted by our outstanding views, fresh air and the joy of the great outdoors. Or perhaps it’s our delightful, quirky market towns with their busy markets and unique, characterful shops.

Maybe it’s the quality of our local food and drink. It's true we’ve no shortage of great café’s, restaurants, bars and local beers.  There are a hundred different reasons to visit the Shropshire Hills and everyone’s experience of them is unique and personal. 

visitor activities in the Shropshire Hills

They inspire a sense of belonging, whilst being away from our everyday lives. They are a step away from the hubbub into a place of calm and tranquillity. A place to unwind, being spoiled by a closer contact with fresh air, big skies and nature.

They are truly special… but they come at a price.

This isn’t where we ask you to donate (although that option is always available). No, what we want is your commitment. We want you to help us keep them special. These pages area about how you can make the most of your time here, leaving the hills just as you found them, or perhaps, a little bit better.

Our bottom line is that we want you to enjoy them, and go on enjoying their special tranquillity and nature for ever. This is a place we want your children’s children’s children to enjoy, just the way you will. But we need your help to do this.