Shropshire Hills AONB Management Plan 2025-2030

The AONB Partnership has started work to review the statutory AONB Management Plan, which will result in a new Plan for 2025-2030. 

The time period for the new plan has been moved back a year to bring it more in line with relevant government programmes.  The existing AONB Management Plan will stand until the new one is formally in place in 2025.

In parallel with the Plan review, we are obliged to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Plan.  This will look at how the Plan delivers, or conflicts with, a wide variety of environmental objectives. The methodology is based on Natural England’s guidance for Strategic Environmental Assessment of AONB Management Plans, but we are opting to go beyond the legal minimum and will undertake a broader Sustainability Appraisal.  This means it will in addition include assessment against economic and social objectives.

The Plan review is led by the AONB Partnership on behalf of the two local authorities and involving relevant stakeholders and opportunities for public consultation.

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