Innovative programme for Shropshire Hills livestock farmers

Livestock farmers from the Shropshire Hills area are being encouraged to join an innovative programme to help them increase profitability from grass-based systems.

Pasture and Profit in Protected Landscapes is a programme from Pasture for Life that deploys ‘peer-to-peer learning’ to help farmers boost profits while delivering environmental benefits through grazing. Livestock farmers from within the Shropshire Hills and the adjoining area can access free mentoring and attend diverse events geared to knowledge exchange and skills development.

Marches Pasture and Profit in Protected Landscapes project manager Louise Anderson says: “We are reminding farmers who farm in and around the Shropshire Hills to take advantage of our mentee places, our general membership places and our informative events. We have a packed agenda between now and the autumn, so whether you are beef, sheep or dairy, please get in touch. There are also plenty of opportunities to learn with nearby farmers who are in our programme within the Wye Valley and the Malvern Hills.”

Events focus on everything from soil health to genetics, resilience, financial forecasting and profitable, high nature value farming. There are also regular newsletters, webinars and a huge resource hub with factsheets and films to watch on Pasture for Life’s You Tube channel.

Ms Anderson continues: “All farmers are encouraged to join, whatever your farming practice, whether you’re making adjustments or seeking knowledge. Participation doesn't commit to specific practices; the initiative supports farmers at any stage in their journey. Mentoring often gives farmers the confidence to make changes to their systems and adopt more regenerative practices. In some cases, farmers are both mentees and mentors as everyone has different areas of expertise and knowledge to pass on.

“Farmers who took part in the first phase of the programme have reported mental health benefits, having cut costs, improved the health of their livestock and soil, and boosted business resilience. What’s not to like and why not join today?” she adds.

Interested farmers should contact Pasture and Profit in Protected Landscapes programme, Marches email:

details of upcoming events

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