Free Community Tree Scheme

A new subsidised tree scheme for the 2022/23 planting season has just opened. 

Shropshire residents, landowners, farmers, community groups, businesses and charities can apply for trees that are subsidised at a 50% cost by HM Treasury and Shropshire Council. The applicant is responsible for paying the remaining 50%.

We have chosen mixes of native trees suited for different planting sites in Shropshire, including:

  • A lowland woodland mix
  • An upland woodland mix
  • A wet ground woodland mix
  • A native hedgerow mix

These mixes are available in bundles of 20 trees and will cost £15 per bundle (half-price), including a bamboo cane and spiral tree guard.

There is no limit to the number of trees or hedgerow plants that you can orders, and trees will be supplied on very much a first come first served basis.

more information and to apply for trees

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